volunteer positions


This team works before, during and after the festival, and entails that you could be used to pretty much anything. If we are under-staffed anywhere or need some extra help in some of the other positions, this is the team we call. This means that the job description is varied, but we can promise that you wont have too much downtime! We would prefer if you have a drivers license, preferably an extended one, and that you dont mind getting your hands dirty.


In this team you will be registrering press, sponsors, guests and collaborators. You will hand out proof of access, information, and provide help when needed. These tasks will mainly take place during the festival.

ARENA - RIG (Full)

This group will be working hard to build the infrastructure of the festival. The job includes putting up fences around the festival area, setting up larger tents as well as tents for the traders, rigging the stages, putting out mats for people to step on avoiding too much damage to the wonderful grass surrounding the fortress and putting out tables and chairs for the audience. Drivers with all types of drivers licenses is a huge plus! If you’re licensed to drive a fork lift you will also be responsible for placing out pallets, fences, barricades, toilets and bars. We are looking for individuals who dont mind hard work, with a positive attitude and a special attention to details and aesthetics.


Would you like to be a part of everything that happens from when an artist arrives in Halden to when they step on stage to perform? Or to organize what needs to be done after the artist has finished performing? Then maybe the role as an artist host would suit you! In this position your day will consists of assisting in all the little things that make sure the artist is having a great day on the job, and that the gig will be successful. It includes shopping for snacks, food and beverages, making sure towels and drinks are in place before the gig and cleaning clothes or delivering them to the laundry facilities. Another important task could be to inform of pleasant activities or sights to see in Halden and the area close by, as the artist might have some free time during his/her stay. It would be beneficial to be independent, professional, calm and solution oriented, as tasks often need to completed quickly! There is no reason for applying if your sole purpose is to meet your favorite artist, as this is a demanding job with great responsibility and we require that you have a highly professional attitude.


As a volunteer in the bar/service you will be one of the public faces of the festival and will be spending a lot of time smiling and being positive. We are in charge of providing our guests with drinks as efficient and responsible as possible. We need people with good spirits, little patience and the ability to keep cool. Anyone can learn this, and most of this who do, thoroughly enjoy it! You must be over 18 to work in bar, as is the Norwegian Law.


We have some guests that we wish to take a little extra care of, a VIP treatment if you will. You will be working as a host or hostess, and it is important that you are able to remain calm and positive in most situations.


This team is truly the public face of the festival. You will meet the audience when they first arrive at the festival grounds, and it is vital that you have a smile on your face and a service-minded attitude! Your main responsibilities will be to trade in purchased tickets for wrist bands, as well as selling tickets on site.


We are expecting a great number of visitors to our festival camp this year. The visitors will be staying in tents and caravans, and we even have our own motorcycle camp! Volunteers in this position will contribute to making sure those visiting the festival will have a great time, even outside the festival grounds. Help us to make this the very best festival camp, ever! You will also play an important part in the visitors first impression of the festival, as you are one of the first to welcome them to the area! Service-mindedness and a pleasant attitude is a must! Your tasks will include trading in purchased ticket for camp wristbands, fire safety, manning the charging stations, guarding the entrances, overlooking the facilities, clearing the camp area and making sure the rules of the festival camp are being followed.


We use Cashless as the only form of payment on festival grounds. It is generally an easy and self explanatory system, but we will need a team to assist those needing help understanding how to use and top up their cards. Its easy to learn, and easy to teach! In this team we value positive and service minded individuals!

DECOR (Full)

 If you have amazing skills when it comes to drawing, painting, decorating or making signs, this is the team for you! We need some creative souls to help us make this years festival area presentable and esthetically pleasing. If you have any great ideas of how the area should look like, or what we might to to make it even greater, please dont hesitate to apply. Most of the work load will be prior to the festival, but there will be some work after as well, especially in terms of taking down and soting all decorations.


You will be meeting the volunteers when they arrive at the festival, some for the very first time. You will be checking them in, showing them to their accommodation, and where to eat. You will lead the way when they are lost, and keep track of everyones assignments. If you are service-minded, thorough and positive being, this is the job for you!


At the festival there will be different traders, a foodcourt and various sponsors with a pitch. Being a part of this team means that you will be assisting the individual traders and sponsors with their needs. You will be assigned tasks by a team leader throughout your shift.


You will be assisting the festival’s head of hotels with the hotels in Halden and Sarpsborg. Duties are related to checking in staff and artists. It is important that you are structured and thorough. A drivers license could be beneficial.

RUNNERS (Over 18s only)

You will need a drivers license for this job. Yu may work prior to, during or after the festival. If you are working as a runner your duties include assisting in the set up of a mobile storage facility, pick up furniture, food and general stuff we might need. You will be working as a typical runner! If this is something you fancy, please send in an application!


This is one of the best jobs for a volunteer! You get to walk around the entire festival area at all times, and by doing so you are able to view many of the concerts. The job description includes keeping the festival area as nice as possible before, during, and after the concerts. You will be changing bin bags, picking up any littering, making sure the toilets are stacked with paper and soap (no cleaning) and move waste from areas like the volunteer central, press office and backstage to name a few. No experience needed, you will be fully trained.

STAGE CREW (Over 18s only)

The tasks will be conducted during the festival both on and off stage and includes moving equipment between gigs. You will be working close to the artists, so you must show a professional manner and, like all other volunteers, you should be service-minded. We ask that you are able to work independently as well as taking orders from the stage manager and other superiors. You must be over 18 years of age and similar experience will be a bonus! You’ll make a great fit if you’re in a band or have some technical experience. Please mention what instruments you play or any stage tech you might know in your application. Everyone who is working in close proximity to bands and artists must sign a non-disclosure form and will be instructed in rules regarding photography back stage and so on. We wish that you over 18 years of age and that you have previous experience. If you have an extended drivers license, like loaders, trucks, or a climbing certificate, please include this in your application.


This job entails all work on and behind the stage prior to the festival. You will work with rigging our stages before the festival, and you can choose to only work in advance. You will be lifting, carrying, running and working in teams, and key words for this job are working gear, comfortable shoes and a strong work ethic. It is also possible to combine this with being stage crew at one of the stages during the festival.

TRANSPORTATION - ARTISTS (Over 22s only) (Full)

Your main task as a driver will be to drive the artist during their stay with the festival. Some might need to be taken to the airport, while others simply need transporting to or from the hotel, backstage etc. You will have individual working hours assigned by the head of transportation. Its beneficial, but not a must, to have an extended drivers license and you should enjoy driving. You should not speak to the artists unless you are spoken to, it’s important to be professional. In order to work for this team, we require that you’ve had your drivers license for three coherent years.

TRANSPORT - VISITORS (Over 18s only)

The crowds need to get to and from the festival site. If you volunteer in this team, you will be assisting both the person in charge of this but also the audience. This is a pleasant and fun job where being service-minded is important.


This is without a doubt the most comforting group to be a part of. You will make sure that all the other volunteers are enjoying themselves. You provide them with coffee, treats, hugs or a band aid! You can work prior to, during or after the festival. If you want to be the sunshine in everyone’s life, this is the team for you!