festival bus

Bus is one of the easiest means of transportation to and from Tons of Rock. We offer tickets with return from Oslo, as well as night coaches from and to Fredrikstad, Moss and Sarpsborg. Click on your city to the right for bus schedules and direct links to ticket sales.

  • The buses to/from Oslo are direct buses between The Norwegian Opera and the festival area.
  • The buses to Fredrikstad arrive at Fredrikstad bus station.
  • The buses to Fredrikstad stop both at Quality Spa Hotel and central      Sarpsborg.
  • The buses to Moss arrive at Moss station.

All tickets are one way and must be purchased in advance at www.ticketmaster.no . The sale will end on Monday 18th of June, 2018.

*NOTE! Remember that all night coaches is listed with their departure dates the following day, as they departure after midnight. Meaning that if you have visited the festival on Thursday 21st of June and will travel home at night you will need to buy a ticket that says Night Bus Thursday, but the departure date on this ticket will state Friday 22nd of June 02:30, as it will be past midnight.