1.     All use of open fire in the camping area is prohibited. This also applies to candles, oil lamps, flammable liquid, propane, etc.

2.     The person in charge of the tent (tent ticket holder) must register with his/her name and telephone number. He/She is also responsible for others knowing the rules that apply to the area.

3.     It is not allowed to bring or use engine-generators in the camping area.

4.     It is not allowed to set up tents in access roads. This also applies to rope from tents.

5.     It is not allowed to bring anything in to the camp which is prohibited by Norwegian Law.

6.     It is not permitted to bring building materials to the camp.

7.     It is not allowed to bring any large furniture, but small camping chairs and tables are allowed.

8.     It is not allowed to bring any animals to the camp.

9.     All guests must follow instructions given by the security staff.

10.  By 03:00 the camp should be quiet. Please consider your neighbors!

11.  All rubbish must be disposed of in designated bin/container.

12.  Leave your camping space in the same manner as when you arrived.

13.  You must clear out your space and check out by 13:00 Saturday!