What does Tons of Rock look for in an applicant?

The presentation of your stand is just as important as the goods you are selling. We wish for our audience to enjoy various and exciting offers at the festival and we put much emphasis on originality amongst our traders. It is our desire that all traders focus on eco-friendly merchandise at good quality to a fair price, as well as your contribution to the visual aesthetic of the festival. This is why we want you to upload photos in your application, either of your stand, food truck, sketches or inspiration!

The demand for a trader´s pitch or space in our food court is growing each year, as well as the number of tickets sold. There will be more than 12 000 visitors at the festival, and previous experience from other festivals will be beneficial, although not compulsory. We are more than happy to welcome new ideas and concepts, if you feel that you can contribute to making Tons of Rock 2018 the best one yet!

Is there anything I’m not allowed to sell at the festival?

The festival must approve all items or food for sale prior to the festival. It is strictly prohibited to sell anything that has not been approved by the festival, and you will not be able to add any items after the deadline. In our application form we ask you to include a draft of your menu or products, and you will be saving much time if you put in some extra effort in this draft.

What if I don't need a pitch, may I just walk around and sell my goods?

All traders must have an approved stall, and it is absolutely not allowed to conduct any mobile sales during the festival. The only exception to this is when there has been made a direct and informed decision from the management of the festival that this would be beneficial to the audience. Unauthorized traders or advertisers will be removed from the area and the festival will not be responsible for any loss of income.



Tons of Rock wishes to prioritize those traders who can offer an eco-friendly menu with as much locally sourced produce as possible. We expect all food vendors to provide the following options:

  • A vegan option
  • A vegetarian option
  • A gluten free option
  • A lactose free option
  • A «price-friendly» option, of no more than 75,- NOK

You are more than welcome to provide one option that covers all of the above mentioned demands!

In addition, all menus must list allergies and this includes the menus presented to the public. It Is important for our visitors who might suffer from allergies or have specific dietary needs, and we will perform routine checks to make sure this is in place at all times.

For more information, please view the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s guidelines regarding Allergens

We are constantly working on providing the best possible vendors for our audience, and will prioritize unique applicants. We do not wish for any of our vendors to be «competing» against each other, and therefore we will not be accepting any two vendors who offer the same types of food.

How many spaces are available in the Foodcourt?

We have a limit amount of spaces in our foodcourt, and we will accept those who meet our requirements in the best manner. We have about 16 tent spaces, and spaces for foodtrucks will be depending on the size of the trucks.

What is included in the rent price?

A pitch in our foodcourt includes a 3x6 meter tent with the 3 meter side facing the crowds. Flooring, 2 tables and 2 chairs are also included, and you may order more at an additional fee should you need it. You will receive festival passes for those working during the festival, and the pitch is available for 4 days. This include time for setting up prior to the festival, and clearing everything afterwards. You must follow the scheduled times for setting up and clearing.

Trader’s street

We will prioritize those traders with the most unique and exciting offers, focusing on originality, and those who appeal to the crowd’s interests.

We have a limited amount of spaces available, but these are no allocated on a first come first serve basis. A pitch in our Trader’s Street includes a 6x3 meter tent with the 6 meter side facing the crowds. Flooring, 2 tables and 2 chairs are also included, and you may order more at an additional fee should you need it. You will receive festival passes for those working during the festival, and the pitch is available for 4 days. This include time for setting up prior to the festival, and clearing everything afterwards. You must follow the scheduled times for setting up and clearing.


Access to water will be found through a water station within the festival grounds and this is also where you’ll be able to rinse any equipment or utensils. There is a staff area including toilets for all of those who are working during the festival, security patrolling the grounds at night, and food traders will have access to a reefer container.

The festival does not provide any lamps or lighting, or other requirements such as the decoration of your tents, structure of work space, and so on. This must be covered by the individual trader.

Electricity and payment systems must be ordered separately

Tons of Rock uses Cashless as the only method of payment throughout the festival grounds. All traders MUST use this system, and breach of this demand will lead to eviction from the festival, and NO loss of income will be compensated.

Trash is glory!

The festival will provide bins for trash disposal, and these must be emptied at appropriate areas by the individual traders. We will control the grounds on a daily basis, and any rubbish outside must be removed. If you dont comply with these rules you will be subjected to a fine, which we will extract directly from your turnover. We will make sure that all bins and rubbish disposals are labeled and easy to find!

May I choose the location of my pitch?

We do not permit traders to choose their own location. There isn’t really any spaces more lucrative than others and to the small extent there is, this is allocated by seniority.


We offer ONE parking token per trader for our long-term car park close to the festival area, and you may not under any circumstances park your vehicle within festival grounds. During rig and clearing separate rules apply, which will be informed of at a later time. All driving on festival grounds within these times must be cleared with the head of market.

Charity or non-profit

If you are representing a charity or non-profit wanting a space at this years festival, we have separate terms and conditions. Please get in touch with us for more information!

More than one concept/trader’s pitch?

You are more than welcome to apply with several concepts at this year’s festival, but you must submit one application per concept!

Opening Hours

All traders must follow the festival opening hours and this means that you must stay open for the entire time that the festival area is open, but also that you are not allowed to sell any food or merchandise beyond these hours. Breach of this will be sanctioned.


If your application is successful, and you will be joining us at this year’s festival, we ask you to bring following documentation:

  • Copy of contract and proof of rent payment
  • List of staff
  • Documentation of enforcement of rules, health and safety regulations, forms for measuring temperatures and so on
  • A full list of all ingredients included in you menu, as well as a menu with listed allergens.
  • For more information about the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s requirements for temporary sale of food, see Messer og festivaler.

When will I know the results of my application?

We will respond to all applicants by the 15th of March 2018. To guarantee that your application is considered, please send it in by 1st of March 2018. If you apply after this deadline, you might risk not being considered.

Other things you should know

At the busiest, Tons of Rock will have more than 12.000 guests within the festival grounds. We advice all traders to consider their working hours and how you wish to predispose your staff. Keep in mind that there will be peak hours, you need to sleep, have breaks etc. By experience, we know that the most successful traders are those who are prepared, provides great service, and who have an aesthetically pleasing stall. Consider what you can do to be the best!

You must also make note of everything that may affect your festival experience, such as wind, terrain, bad weather and so on. Though we hope to enjoy sunny days during the festival, we might experience sudden rain and cold nights. Bring comfortable shoes, clothes to keep you warm, spare clothes and shoes, and any other equipment you might need to withstand the forces of nature. A small trolley might be a good idea, as the grounds are uneven and might be difficult in terms of re-stocking etc. We will put out mats on the grass that you may drive on, and you are not permitted to drive beyond these. Please ask if you are unsure!

You must also consider accommodation. Sleeping in cars, tents or foodtrucks within festival grounds is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and there will be security in place to ensure this is respected. Hotels and caravan parks may quickly be fully booked as there are many visitors in Halden during this period, and booking as early as possible may be wise.


We will be hosting a completion amongst our traders, where the very best will win a prize based on their presentation of pitch, decorations, originality, menu, quality and attitude! The competition will be announced in social media and all visitors will be able to affect the outcome. A winner will be announced on the last day of the festival.

By applying for a pitch at Tons of Rock 2018, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the rules and guidelines presented above, and that you will follow the regulations made by Tons of Rock