fire safety

It doesn’t take more than 3 seconds for a tent to catch on fire. This is why we urge you to know a few basic guidelines regarding fire safety at Tons of Rock.

The camp site is divided into a number of squares where the tents can be pitched. Between these squares you will find wide pathways, in which you are not permitted to pitch any tents. These roads are designed to stop spreading in case of a fire, and make it possible for emergency vehicles to get through.

in the event of a fire

  • Call out «FIRE!», and try to get in touch with the closest member of staff.
  • Ensure that everyone moves away from the area of the fire.
  • Call our alarm number at 0047 402 329 52
  • If possible and SAFE, try to extinguish the fire.
  • If you cannot establish contact with a member of staff or through our alarm number, call emergency fire at 110

IN NEED OF HELP? There are security guards available at the camp site at all times. They will help you if you are ill, injured or have any questions.