ozzy osbourne


OZZY OSBOURNE will be celebrating his impressive career as the biggest icon in rock history with a final tour; FAREWELL WORLD TOUR. Wednesday 20th of June 2018, the godfather of heavy metal will be headlining Tons of Rock in Halden.

Five decades, 18262 days and more than 2500 shows worldwide. His career is incredible and mythical, to say the least. Since the early 60s Ozzy Osbourne (68) has been ravaging stages globally as the leading man in the legendary Black Sabbath. The Godfather of heavy metal has had even more success during his solo career, and have sold more than 100 million albums combined.

The upcoming farewell tour of Ozzy Osbourne, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy award winning singer and songwriter, will celebrate more than five decades as live artist. The trek will take the singer around the world through 2020. And while this tour marks the end of of an era for Ozzy as a touring artist, the navy metal legend plans to continue doing live shows following the end of the tour. "People keep asking me when I’m retiring," Osbourne said in a statement. "This will be my final world tour, but I can’t say I won’t do some shows here and there."

Ozzy is accompanied by legend Zakk Wylde on guitars, Blasko on bass, Tommy Clufetos on drums and Adam Wakeman on keyboard. The tour is set to start in Mexico in 2018, before continuing to South America. They will be headlining festivals and do solo gigs for six weeks in Europe, and on the 20th of June its finally Halden and Tons of Rock’s time to witness this incredible experience!



W.A.S.P. is one of the biggest hard rock bands of all times and the man himself, Blackie Lawless, is one of the genres biggest icons. The band completed a vastly successful tour of Europe in 2017, and in Oslo they played at Rockefeller, which was sold out ages before the gig. In 2018 a film about these legends is being produced, and they are only playing a few selected shows. Their concert at Tons of Rock on the 21st of June will be exclusive, as its their only show in Norway in 2018.



When Equinox introduced Norway to trash metal in the late 90s they were nothing less than groundbreaking. The band has been reviewed as one of the most influential and innovative metal bands in Norway, ever, and their album «Auf Wiedersehen» is imprinted in the Norwegian musical history. The band is making an exclusive comeback to Tons of Rock 2018!

arch enemy


The Swedish ARCH ENEMY has been responsible for one of this winters most successful tours with their melodic death metal. Led by the most badass ladies in the genre, Canadian Alissa White- Gluz, they’ve ravished Europe with incredible sale numbers. Their gig in oslo on the 1st of February was sold out, and this summer they’re playing several big festivals. You’ll see them exclusively along with Ozzy Osbourne at Fredriksten Fortress on the 20th of June.

at the gates


Sweden equals Death Metal, and the kings of Gothenburg are called At The Gates. They are finally making their way across the border to shake up Fredriksten Fortress with a brand new album, as well as the classics like «Slaughter of the Soul».



We can almost guarantee sing-along factor when the Scottish pirates of Alestorm fills their cups on the Fortress. Their shows have been chronically sold out all over the world, and now they are ready to ravage Halden!



Led by the brilliant Simone Simon, the dutch band Epica delivers breathtaking, symphonic and progressive metal like no others. When this firework of a band enters there will be no holding back, as this will be a definite crowd pleaser!



Warduna is one of Norway’s biggest musical exports. On the 20th of June, the band will be at Fredriksten Fortress to provide the audience with a lesson in Norwegian cultural heritage, and this will absolutely be a grand and breathtaking experience. Their show at Tons of Rock will be the only one played in the eastern region of Norway in 2018.

while she sleeps


This band is about to explode! They accompanied «Bring me the Horizon» for their last visit to Norway, and now they have finally returned for a full on festival show at Tons of Rock. The English metalcore band was named newcomer of the year by Kerrang a few years back, and has since then established themselves as one of the most kick ass bands in the genre. They will definitely attract a crowd at Tons of Rock 2018!

Carach Angren


Innovative, terrifying and symphonic black metal from the Netherlands. With lyrics inspired by horror, they have created a chaotic universe of their own. The mastermind of the band, Clemens, has composed music to several films, as well as orchestrated the solo album of Till Lindemann, the leading man of Rammstein.



The cult heroes of WITCHCRAFT are back. One of the absolute best hard rock bands of Sweden is coming to Tons of Rock the 21st of June. The band was one of the initiators of the 70s retro rock waves, with their psychedelic and catchy hard rock. They haven’t played live in years but are resurrecting at this year at Tons of Rock.

audrey horne


Nobody delivers bold and steady hard rock riffs quite liker Audrey Horne from Bergen. This freight train of a live band is ready with a new album in 2018, which makes them a matter of course at this years festival.

the good the bad and the zugly


«Misanthropical House» is the title of what easily might be the best rock album in Norway in 2018. The Hadeland-gang in THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY is being praised throughout the Norwegian music industry for this kick ass album. Their gig in Oslo last weekend was completely sold out, and the band was more awesome than ever. The interest in this band has spread internationally and they are soon ready for the massive «Hellfest», but not before they have rocked
loose at Tons of Rock on the 22nd of June.



Gothminister is experiencing huge success throughout with their new album «The other side». The singles are ravaging the German top lists, and they will be putting up a special show on the «1st of June with Anette Gil as a guest vocalist.



The band who during the 80s ravaged the world with their thunderous NWOBHM, and was taken under the wing by Lemmy from Mötorhead, is going to give us a lesson in history when they celebrate their 40th anniversary in Halden this summer!



Black and wicked trash metal is what you can expect from the Americans in Skeletonwitch when they, for the first time, enters the stage at Tons of Rock. The band has released five albums, the sixth to be released prior to the festival, and they have done several tours in the States with bands like Kvelertak!



Føss was due to play during Tons of Rock 2017, but sadly they were cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. We have obviously invited them back to Tons of Rock 2018, allowing them to show us how awesome they actually are! 

in vain


The Norwegian southerners in IN VAIN have just released their new album «Currents», which might take their career to new heights. The album is receiving such great reviews its almost ridiculous, but we are not surprised! The band has established a solid fan base globally with their progressive and melodic extreme metal. Some bands are uncompromising in going their own way, and we are pleased that this bands way leads to Halden on the 20.th of June.



Tusmørke bring us along in to a fairytale world of prog, rock, metal, music for children and who knows what. Watching a show with this band is an experience you just cant describe, so you should most definitely tag along when Tusmørke invites us to rituals and a show at the Fortress.



Doom, punk and black metal are three key words that will give you an indication of what to expect when Germanys heaviest duo arrives at Tons of Rock. Yes, we’re only talking about two people, though it might sound like a whole army. The band has drawn international attention the last 2 years, and now they are finally coming to Norway!

alice in chains


Alice in Chains has been widely regarded as one of the biggest and most influential rock bands in history. The band has had 16 Top 10 songs on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart, 5 No. 1 hits and nine Grammy Award Nominations! They had their breakthrough in the early 90’s when the Seattle wave rushed over the music industry, and influenced a whole generation through their instinctive vocal style and heavy metal elements. The albums «Dirt» and «Jar of Flies» are often mentioned amongst the greatest albums in rock history, and this has given the band a loyal fan base. The faithful audience is finally able to see the band live in Norway, as they are headlining at Tons of Rock 2018, Thursday 21st of June!



The essence of heavy metal, the founders of power metal, the kings of German hard rock! The German legends of metal are gathering the original band members for unique show that will most definitely go down in history! Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske have finally returned to Helloween, and their upcoming tour is selling out massive arenas around the world. The Pumpkins united show will be exclusive to Tons of Rock and Norway, and you do not want to miss this!



No other Norwegian bands has seen their careers skyrocket quite like Kvelertak. They cross major milestones every year, and are currently touring Europe as special guests with Metallica! They will be at Tons of Rock this June to prove that they are the undisputed leading stars of Norwegian Rock.



We are incredibly pleased to announce that the pride of Sweden, OPETH, is coming to Tons of Rock 2018! They’ve been branded as «the planets most unique band» by music magazine «Kerrang», and we couldn’t agree more! They will be making their only concert in Norway exclusively at Tons of Rock, Friday 22nd of June.



We have been visited by several of the great heroes of west coast trash, and Exodus is finally up next! Kirk Hammett startet his career with Exodus, and Slayer icon Gary Holt has since then been the boss of the band.  Polish your headbanging skills, cause this show is going to bring a riff extravaganza!



In the early 2000s, Terje from Kaizers Orchestra dropped Skambankt like a bomb on the Norwegian rock scene. The band is ready once more with a new album, and is bringing kick ass Norwegian hardrock with Norwegian lyrics to Tons of Rock.



One of the biggest and most surprising comebacks of 2018 is brought to us by GÅTE, the folk rockers from Trondheim. Tickets were ripped away as soon as the band announced their return, and we are extremely proud to present Gåte and a completely unique festival experience at the historical Fredriksten Fortress this summer. The band has launched new material, and the first concerts reports of an ecstatic atmosphere. musikknyheter.no gave their concert in oslo ten out of
ten points and claimed that Gåte is one of Norway’s greatest live bands.



The definite flagship of Swedish Black Metal, Marduk, is finally making their way across the border and to the city of Halden! Since they were founded in 1990, this war machine has marched all over the world and conquered city by city. Extremely tough black metal with blasphemous and historically inspired lyrics and a reckless live show is what awaits us at Fredriksten Fortress.



The most charismatic leading man in Norwegian metal, ABBATH, is ready for Tons of Rock! Since the brak with the legendary Immortal, he has marched on with his new band. On the 21st of June, Abbath plays his exclusive concert in Norway in 2018, at Fredriksten Fortress. It will be a magical evening with Abbath songs as well as classics from the Immortal era.



Max Cavalera… The name alone makes anyone who digs metal wanting to rock it out. In the 80s Max founded Sepultura, and has continued his style of music in many projects. Since the end of the 90s, SOULFLY has been closest to his heart, and they are ready with a new album in the spring. The fortress will be rocking when Max and Soulfly does the only Norwegian gig of the summer, the 22nd of June in Halden.

gaahls wyrd


One of Norway’s most controversial and charismatic vocalists is finally ready for Tons of Rock. With him he brings a fantastic band, and we look forward to a dark seanse when Gal performs tracks from throughout his career.

Black debbath


There simply cant be a Tons of Rock without Black Debbath. In 2014, they opened the first Tons of Rock festival with great vigor, and since then they have turned up to the fortress every year in June. When Tons of Rock is celebrating its five year anniversary there is only one band suited to close the festival, and rumor has spread of new tracks and a spectacular show.



The founders of occult rock is coming to Norway! Legendary and mysterious Coven with high priest Jinx Dawson in the lead is playing at Tons of Rock on the 22nd of June. The band that has inspired generations of bands since the late 1960s is coming for an exclusive occult fair at Fredriksten Fortress. 

imperial state electric


Nick Andersson is one of the biggest names in Swedish rock, and he is both a drummer in the iconic Entobed as well as leading figure in the legendary «The Helicopters». This year however, its all about what he holds closest to his heart, Imperial State Electric. They deliver bones tough upper class rock, and are finally ready for Tons of Rock! 

malignant eternal


The band went up in smoke at the beginning of the 2000s after swiping by both symphonic black metal as well as the more industrial notes throughout the 90s. Since then, this gang has been engaged with other metal related «activities»: Vocalist Torgrim Øyre has dabbled with metal festivals Hole in the Sky and Beyond the Gates, Arve «Ice Dale» Isdal has found a new home in Enslaved, while drummer Ivar Thormodsæther is the concert drummer for Ulver. They’re back with a bang at Tons of Rock! The 2018 cast will be complemented by original member Brynjulv Guddal, guitarist Tom Stien, Roy Ole Førland and Eld from Gaahls WYRD.

battle beast


The Finnish Battle Beast is delivering heavy metal hits as if on demand, and the crowd will definitely reach their boiling point when this band is playing at Tons of Rock. The band has seen a rapid development, and their videos has millions of views on youtube. Noora Louhimo is an extremely charismatic leading woman who will impress countless members of the audience in Halden this summer.



Lüt is one of the hottest rock bands in Norway, and was recently nominated for p# Gull. They are finally ready for Tons of Rock, and the interest around this band has been explosive and buzzing. Lars Ulrich, drummer in Metallica, gave the band huge praise on his radio program «Its electric».

whordom rife


Whordom Rife is the latest addition in the line of strong releases from Terratur Possessions. They provide uncompromising and moody Norwegian black metal, and they have a solid performance at Beyond The Gates. We are incredibly excited to welcome them to the Fortress this summer!



Guitar riffs that are tough as nails and gloomy moods is a simple description of Sibiir, though there is no simple way to describe all the colors of this band! They bring something awesome and uncompromising about Sibiir, which is rather hard to put a finger on. This is probably one of the reasons why bands like Kvelertak and Enslaved has brought them on tour, and why you should check them out!



From the depths of the forests comes Ragnarok. Led by vocalist Jontho, they are finally ready to perform at the Fortress with their uncompromising black metal.